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Arista is not who she seems.

Every day she blends in with everyone else, going about her mundane life, all in a desperate attempt to obscure the truth: she’s the last human on the planet.

Until an accident burns her arm off.

Scarred and on the run, she’s hunted by Peacemakers, autonomous machines designed to eliminate all human life.

But the Cadre, a cabal of machines who keep the world order, need to understand where she came from if they’re to maintain the status quo. Once she’s captured, she’ll be examined and then eliminated.

But Arista’s struggle is compounded when she learns of the mysterious Quantum Gates: portals that can take anyone across the planet in an instant. Are these gateways her key to escape? Perhaps they even hold the answers to finding out where she came from.

Or do they hide an even more sinister secret?

SINGULAR is a pulse-pounding adventure set in a world not far from our own, controlled by mysterious forces and where everyone is either unaware of the system, or rebelling against it.

“An interesting take on the machines-take-over-the-world premise.”
– GD, Amazon