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Caspian’s Fortune

He needs a payday. He’ll settle for payback.

Tempest Rising

It was just supposed to be one job.

Darkest Reach

Some Things Refuse to Stay Hidden.

Journey’s Edge

The Past doesn’t Easily Forgive. Or Forget.

Secrets Past

Beyond the Edge Things get Weird.

Memory’s Blade

Everything Comes at a Cost.

Infinity’s End

Let the End…Try the Man.

Fate’s Arrow: Diazal

They say You Never Forget your First Mission.

A Nebulous Crime

A Man on the Hunt and a Fugitive who Refuses to Give Up.

The Planetary Con

The Job just got a Lot More Complicated.

The Cosmic Sting

The Trail has Gone Cold…

Caspian’s Gambit

How Could it have gone So Wrong?

Soon’s Folly

Good Soldiers Follow Orders.

Establishment Protocol

Survival Means Doing Whatever is Necessary…right?


She’s the last of her kind. He’s the first of his.


She thought she was alone. When it’s all over, she’ll wish she was.


Arista was the Last Human on Earth.


Arista once dreamed of a planet full of humans. Now it scares her to death.


It has all come down to this.

Fate’s Arrow: Greene

Not everyone wants to be a hero.

Fate’s Arrow: Box

The Most Important Story You Could Ever Read