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Reading Order

1 – Caspian’s Gambit

Infinity’s End Book 0

After making a judgement call and disobeying orders, Caspian has to face the consequences of his actions.

2 – Soon’s Folly

Infinity’s End Book 0.5

Samiya has always been told to follow orders, even if she didn’t agree with them. Now she must decide if she can live with her decisions.

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3 – Caspian’s Fortune

Infinity’s End Book 1

Caspian is a down-on-his-luck smuggler with only a smart-assed robot for a companion. But when an opportunity presents itself, he’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk…

4 – Tempest Rising

Infinity’s End Book 2

A new threat looms on the horizon and the only person the Coalition can trust to recruit a new ally is Cas. But while his past actions open the door to a solution, they might also end up getting the crew of the Tempest killed.

5 – Darkest Reach

Infinity’s End Book 3

The mission is set, the course laid in. But an unexpected danger along the way threatens the crew of the Tempest and everything they’ve risked thus far.

6 – Journey’s Edge

Infinity’s End Book 4

Though they’ve already faced loss, the crew of the Tempest presses on. After a brief respite to repair the ship, they journey to the deepest reaches of space, using Zenfor’s help. But they may not like what they find in unexplored space.

7 – Secrets Past

Infinity’s End Book 5

A ship in distress, thousands of light-years from home. The Tempest is in trouble, and if the crew doesn’t find some help they’ll end up stranded with no way to complete their mission. But beware strangers bearing gifts…

8 – Planetfall

Infinity’s End Book 6

After searching for what seems like an eternity, the Tempest may have finally reached her destination. But all is not what it seems on the surface of this strange planet. This will be the ultimate test of the crew’s resolve, and by the end, none of them will be the same.

9 – Broken Links

Infinity’s End Book 7

The crew of the Tempest finally manages to return home only to find it in ruin and all their efforts in vain. But new allies and enemies alike populate this strange, new world. Only one thing is for certain: they’re in the fight of their lives.

10 – Memory’s Blade

Infinity’s End Book 8

Having identified the main threat, and with no way to defeat their new enemy, the last remaining Coalition ship and its rag-tag crew are desperate. A final beacon leads them to a planet that promises hope…but at a price.

11 – Infinity’s End

Infinity’s End Book 9

It all comes down to this. Lines have been drawn, allies gathered. Cas and the crew of the Tempest are put to the final test to save what is left of humanity. The chances of success are low and the cost of failure high, but nothing will stop them from trying.

12 – Fate’s Arrow: Robeaux

Infinity’s End Legacy Book 1

Go back to the beginning, before Cas ever met Evie or the crew of the Tempest. He may no longer be an officer in the Coalition, but that doesn’t mean he has to violate everything he believes in to survive. Or does it?

13 – Fate’s Arrow: Diazal

Infinity’s End Legacy Book 2

Before she was the First Officer aboard the Tempest, Evelyn Diazal was a fresh-faced ensign faced with a choice: prove herself in a dangerous mission, or become just another cog in the machine. Her choice will end up shaping the future of the Coalition forever.

14 – Fate’s Arrow: Greene

Infinity’s End Legacy Book 3

Captain Greene has been nothing but a beacon of hope to the people of the Coalition. Though beneath the surface, the machinations of the Coalition run darker than anyone could have suspected. When Greene comes face to face with these revelations, will he keep the moral high ground? Or succumb like all the rest?

15 – Fate’s Arrow: Box

Infinity’s End Legacy Book 4

Years before he met Caspian, Box lived another life as a military construct. But there’s always been something different about Box, something that will have far-reaching effects for the future of the Coalition.

16 – Establishment Protocol

Stellar Outlaw Book 0

War makes people do desperate things. But that’s necessary when it comes down to life and death…right?

17 – A Nebulous Crime

Stellar Outlaw Book 1

Seven years after the events of INFINITY’S END, Dev is on the hunt for a fugitive. The only problem? The fugitive used to be his best friend.

18 – The Planetary Con

Stellar Outlaw Book 2

With his quarry in hand, Dev seeks to return to the Coalition. But it might not be as easy as he thinks.

19 – The Galactic Blind

Stellar Outlaw Book 3

Nolan’s threats come to bear as the Coalition teeters on the brink of war yet again.

20 – The Cosmic Sting

Stellar Outlaw Book 4

Desperate to discover if Nolan was right, Dev and the crew take some unnecessary risks and make some surprising revelations.

21 – The Astronomical Heist

Stellar Outlaw Book 5

Knowing they have to rescue one of their own and discover what the Coalition is hiding at the same time, the crew splits up only to discover more than they bargained for.

22 – The Universal Theft

Stellar Outlaw Book 6

Now that they’ve discovered the Coalition’s darkest secret, the crew of the Mettle will have to fight like hell to get out of this one alive.

Space Marine

1 – The Eternity Soldier

Future’s Echo Book 1

Lilah finds herself in a new and unfamiliar world. A world of starships, aliens and war.